String vests and leather end braces - new stock now in

Brynje string vests are back in stock but are selling quickly. We still have planty of Large, XXL, and XXXL, but medium have nearly sold out again. These are the best string vests available, and are very popular with our customers.

We've topped up with our leather end braces too. These have strong, wide straps and good quality leather fittings for a secure fit. Leather end braces are available in three sizes and six different colours: black, navy, grey, wine (burgundy), green, and red.

Brynje string vests and leather end braces are availble to order securely online, or you are welcome to call us in the shop on 01874 623613 to order over the telephone. If the shop is closed, your call is diverted to my mobile.

12th November 2022

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