News - 2012

27th December 2012

Grip Top socks by Wolsey: contact us to check we have your size

Grip Top socks by Wolsey: contact us to check we have your size

Wolsey have decided to change the sizes of the popular Grip Top socks. This is disappointing as the current sizes of the famous knee length Grip Tops with the distinctive red trim are best-sellers amongst our customers.

We have a few pairs of Grip Tops left now in the current sizes. There are some in black, some in mid-grey, and some in rustic brown. Phone us on 01874 623613 to check we have your size - we'll be happy to help. 

Wolsey Cardinal socks are still available, also in black, in mid-grey, and in rustic brown. Wolsey Cardinals are calf length, also known as half hose.

30th November 2012

Red braces with strong clips - they're very red and they're very strong!

Red braces with strong clips - they're very red and they're very strong!

Red braces with strong clips are now in stock. Our extra strong braces are bestsellers, and we're delighted to add red braces to this collection in time for Christmas.

Red braces are available in standard length, in extra long, and - for very tall men - in extra, extra long. This range of braces also comes in green, navy blue, grey, and wine (burgundy). The extra wide clips (2.5 cm) give the added strength of grip, so our extra strong braces are practical as well as smart.

These braces really do look stunning in red. We started dispatching them to internet customers within hours of their arriving in stock - and we reckon Santa may be placing an order soon!

20th November 2012

Christmas 2012 last posting dates for parcels from Aidan Sweeney in Brecon

Shopping for Christmas gifts is a priority for many of our customers now - and there are certainly lots of lovely menswear products available from Aidan Sweeney. We'd like to make sure your receive your parcels in time, so here's a reminder of the last posting dates for Christmas 2012. Our last order times for delivery before Christmas are based on the Royal Mail's recommended last posting dates.

Your order will need to reach us by 3 p.m. on the days listed below.

Once your parcel leaves us, it's in the hands of the Royal Mail, so how quickly it reaches you depends on them!


    Australia, New Zealand, Japan

    Tuesday 4th December

    USA, Canada, Eastern Europe

    Monday 10th December

    Western Europe

    Tuesday 11th December


    Wednesday 19th December


Special Delivery services for the UK are available for orders placed with us until 12 noon on Friday 21st December. Please contact us on 01874 623613 before ordering if you need this so we can work out the cost for your parcel.

Orders placed after these deadlines will still be processed while the shop is open, but will not arrive until after Christmas.

If you have any queries, or any special requirements, do give us a call on 01874 623613 and we will do our best to help.

We hope you enjoy your purchases from us.  




11th November 2012

Red trouser braces with extra strong clips - a great Christmas gift

Red trouser braces with extra strong clips - a great Christmas gift

Our wide braces with extra strong clips are best sellers. Soon we'll be adding red braces to our existing range of navy, grey, wine, and green. Sizes are standard, extra long (XL), and extra extra long (XXL) for really tall men - so there are strong braces for men of all heights and sizes. 

These braces have 2 strong clips at the front and 2 strong clips at the back ("X" shape), with a slider at the back to adjust the angle of the straps. The extra wide clips (2.5 cm) for extra strong grip really make a difference. Many braces are a similar width to ours, but few have the wide clip. It's the width of the clip that gives the strength of grip.

With wide straps for comfort, and wide clips for strength, these are strong and secure braces (suspenders) for trousers. They are smart, practical, and very popular with our customers.

For red extra strong braces, check back on our website soon. Red braces will be in stock in time for Christmas orders. If you would like to find out more, or reserve a pair of red extra strong braces for Christmas, phone us in our shop in Brecon on 01874 623613.


26th October 2012

Meyer men's heavyweight corduroy trousers for autumn and winter

Meyer men's heavyweight corduroy trousers for autumn and winter

Meyer men's cords are top quality heavyweight trousers for autumn and winter wear. Meyer are known for their high standards and attention to detail - and these splendid corduroys in deep red, rich gold, and navy blue are exceptionally fine trousers.

This heavyweight corduroy fabric is 80% cotton, 18% polyamide, and 2% elastane. That gives it just enough stretch to be comfortable when you sit down, while retaining its shape and smart appearance. The flat front with 2 darts also combines comfort with style.

Practical touches include 2 slant side pockets, 2 hip pockets with button fastening, and an extra security coin pocket. The leg hems are reinforced internally to protect them against wear. Machine washable at 40 degrees, Meyer corduroys are certainly easy to care for. 

We stock Meyer stretch cords in deep red, rich gold, and navy blue. They are available to order online in the Meyer corduroy section of our online shop. You can also phone us on 01874 623613 to find out more or place an order, or call in to see us in our shop in Brecon. Meyer cords are a favourite with our customers, and we recommend them very highly. 

15th October 2012

Somax traditional men's flannelette nightshirts now available in Small and XX Large

Somax traditional men's flannelette nightshirts now available in Small and XX Large

Somax's men's nightshirts in comfy flannelette are so popular we've extended our range to include Small and XX Large sizes.

These traditional nightshirts come in attractive blue stripes and wine (burgundy) stripes. The 100% brushed cotton flannelette is soft to the touch and is warm and comfortable. The over-the-head style and generous cut means the nightshirt is easy to put on.

Details include 4 buttons and a revere collar, plus a chest pocket. Somax nightshirts are easy to care for - just pop them in the washing machine at 40 degrees - meaning they are a practical purchase.

Our full range of sizes for Somax nightshirts is now Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XXL) and Extra Extra Large (XXL). There is a size chart on our nightshirt product page so you can check which size is right for you. You can buy flannelette nightshirts on this website in our online shop, or you can telephone us on 01874 623613 to place your order. If you live locally we'd be delighted to see you in our shop in Brecon.

We also stock a range of other Somax nightwear, including traditional flannelete pyjamas - just right for winter nights!

2nd October 2012

Black braces complete the baker's boy look for musician David Okangba

Black braces complete the baker's boy look for musician David Okangba

Our clip-on black braces were just what musician David Okangba needed to complete his new look - and the extra extra long (XXL) option for very tall men provided him with the perfect fit.

David, from Penzance in Cornwall, is putting together artwork and images for his album design. As he told us, "Having just completed my home recorded solo debut album, I've decided to try a period Baker's Boy look".

It's always interesting for us to know how our customers use our products, and we were especially delighted when David added: "I've enclosed a few pictures sporting your Groovy Braces". We're really impressed with how David's wearing our black braces, and have reproduced two of his photos here.

David's a busy man, working on his music, his autobiography, and developing a website. We certainly hope to keep up to date with David's progress - and see how he continues to model our XXL black braces!

19th September 2012

Armbands popular at home and abroad

Armbands popular at home and abroad

The Aristocrat of Armbands: that's the promise from St George about their silver coloured armbands (garters) for shirt sleeves. There has been much interest in these armbands, and we're pleased to have new stock to meet demand.

St George armbands keep your shirt sleeves in the position you chose. For gentlemen wearing suits, they keep the correct amount of cuff showing. For general everyday wear, by both men and women, they keep sleeves at the right length and help keep your cuffs clean.

Snooker players find armbands perfect for keeping cuffs away from both the table and the cue, and card players avoid brushing cards off the table when their sleeves are kept in place with sleeve garters. One of our customers, Donald from Somerset, is an avid snooker player and cardplayer, and told us the armbands "are very, very well made - excellent quality".  

Armbands are also useful for various craft activities where sleeves need to be kept out of the way. Our top quality armbands are rhodium plated with an elasticated core, giving a gentle but secure grip. They come in a smart black presentation box with duck egg blue lining.

We're delighted to have sent  St George armbands far and wide, to - amongst many other places - Aberdeen and Woodgreen, East Lothian and Eastbourne, Oxford and Blandford Forum, Derby and Doncaster. We know sleeve garters are popular in the USA too: if you're in America and would like a pair, send us an email and we'll work out the best price postage for you.

St George silver armbands/sleeve garters are currently in stock in our shop in Brecon (order by phone on 01874 623613) and here in our online shop.

11th September 2012

Gentlemen's accessories to complement clothes for the Goodwood Festival

Gentlemen's accessories to complement  clothes for the Goodwood Festival

Traditional and timeless gentlemen's accessories such as bracesarmbands and collar studs are the perfect finishing touches for gentlemen attending the Goodwood Revival this month.

The Goodwood Revival sees thousands of spectators recreate the style of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s at the Festival of Speed. From tweed suits to mechanic's overalls, there are many ways of slipping back into mid-20th century fashion. Our gentlemen's accessories - available online, by telephone order on 01874 623613, and in our shop in Brecon - can provide the finishing touches to your look.

Yesterday we measured a gentleman for a tweed suit to wear when driving his vintage car. Whether you'd like to buy the full ensemble or an accessory to complement your outfit, we can probably help. We look forward to hearing from you - and to seeing photos of you in your Revival outfit!

10th August 2012

Jazz up your outfit for the Brecon Jazz Festival

Jazz up your outfit for the Brecon Jazz Festival

Brecon Jazz festival starts today - and we stock many items that could "jazz up" your outfit for the weekend. Our shop is by one of the main venues, the Market Hall, so you could pop in on your way there.

How about a colourful spotted handkerchief or Paisley pattern handkerchief, or a satin bow tie in gold or bright blue.

For strolling around town from venue to venue, a gentleman's panama hat adds a touch of style and protects you from the sun. For the real 1920s look, try our St George's silver armbands.

We hope it's a great weekend for jazz fans and for the town of Brecon.