Made to measure: case study

Made to measure tweed suit for classic car enthusiast

One of my most interesting made to measure projects has been providing a tweed three piece suit with plus fours for a Norwegian customer.



Baard Sorheim is a classic car enthusiast from Norway. He and his wife, together with a group of classic car friends, visited my shop in Brecon on their most recent trip to the UK. Mr Sorheim was keen to have a tweed suit appropriate for wearing when driving his classic cars.

Discussing my customer's thoughts and hopes about his suit is crucial to understanding and fulfilling his needs. Mr Sorheim had very specific requirements. The fabric had to be a sobre tweed; the style had to fit the "look" of his cars, and plus fours were essential. Lapels on the waistcoat were another detail to help create the period look. This suit was going to be a very personal outfit, and I was delighted to discuss the possibilities with Mr Sorheim and his wife.

Mr Sorheim studied my pattern bunches and soon selected the tweed he wanted, which was a grey herringbone. He chose matching grey buttons, and a discreet lining.

Topped off with his own matching cap, Mr Sorheim's classic tweed three piece suit meets his requirements precisely. We were delighted when Mr and Mrs Sorheim's friend Birte emailed us photos of him wearing the suit, next to his cars. She said "Baard looks fantastic! He is so happy", and added "Bente and Baard were VERY happy with the suit. It fitted perfectly, and they said that the work and details were exquisite.Thank you for your excellent work and service".

It was a pleasure to help Mr Sorheim in his quest for the perfect suit to complement his wonderful classic cars, and a delight to meet Mr and Mrs Sorheim, Birte, and their friends. We look forward to seeing them on their next trip to the UK to visit the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.