Large patterned hankies: lots more uses

Large patterned hankies: lots more uses

Large colourful hankies have a multitude of uses. More suggestions have been coming in, including cleaning the car windscreen and polishing reading glasses. We've just tested one of our large spotty handkerchiefs and agree that it's perfect for both jobs!

A lady on holiday in Brecon recently bought a whole set of all the patterned handkerchiefs. She told us that she was delighted to see them on display outside our shop because - although hats don't suit her - she finds that these 22 inch square handkerchiefs make perfect colourful headscarves.

One of our local customers has just bought a pair of spotted handkerchiefs to send to her grandson. He is on a gap year in Madagascar, and it's difficult to send things to him. So these multi-use handkerchiefs (or neckerchiefs or bandanas) are just the thing to pop in the post to him for Christmas!



29th October 2011

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