Made to measure meeting in Hong Kong

Made to measure meeting in Hong Kong

We recently had a report of two of our customers meeting in Hong Kong - with one complimenting the Aidan Sweeney made to measure jacket worn by the other!

The two gentlemen did not previously know each other, but met by chance. One (from Guernsey) was wearing an Aidan Sweeney made to measure jacket, and the other (from Brecon) made an admiring comment about it. "It's from Aidan Sweeney," said the owner. "Aidan Sweeney in the Market Arcade in Brecon?" asked the other. And indeed it was - with both men astonished at the coincidence.

I hope to make further visits to Guernsey to see made to measure customers, so do get in touch with me on 01874 623613 if you live in the Channel Islands and would like to discuss made to measure possibilities.

27th June 2014

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