Seidensticker is Europe's largest manufacturer of shirts. It is a family firm, now run by the third generation. The brand is a household name in Germany and beyond for its excellent classic style shirts with their Black Rose logo.

What makes Seidensticker so successful is its painstaking attention to detail. Each shirt goes through 142 checks before it leaves the factory. Although it operates worldwide and has produced over 700 million shirts, it retains family values. Its ethos is "think global, act local". Quality, reliability and continuity are cherished alongside innovations such as non-iron shirts and blended fabrics.

Seidensticker are a great firm to deal with. We value their high standards and are delighted to recommend these shirts to you.

Call us on 01874 623613 if you would like a chat about the shirts that are available and we will do our best to help. We have a selection in our shop in Brecon, and can order from the Seidensticker range for you.

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