Many of you have been Googling "red and white spotted handkerchief" in search of our popular 22 inch patterned hankies. Lots of results pop up for a book called "The Red and White Spotted Handkerchief"  - so we thought we'd find out what it's all about.

"The Red and White Spotted Handkerchief" is a book of narrative poems by Tony Mitton. Jack sets off to seek adventure, taking crusts of bread tied up in his red and white spotted handkerchief. He encounters a mermaid and a genie, fairies and a dragon, a magic carpet and a treasure map, plus many other characters familiar from traditional fairy tales and fables.

After a magical journey he ends up safely back home. In a twist on the familiar frog-into-prince transformation, "the dragon turned into a girl" and Jack had found his Jill.

So if any of you young-at-heart folks would like to follow in Jack's footsteps, seeking adventure with your food tied up in a red and white spotted hanky, we can provide you with just the thing. The spots on ours are not quite as big as the spots on Jack's, and you might use your spotty handkerchief as a neckerchief or as a napkin on a picnic or camping trip, rather than to carry crusts - but who knows what adventures you might have!