Red and white spotted handkerchiefs in starring role with Emilia Fox and Mercedes

Our red spotted handkerchiefs have been in the limelight again. They had a starring role in a Mercedes publicity film alongside Emilia Fox and the fabulous Mercedes Gullwing SLS AMG.

The opportunity arose through previous customer Sue Caldwell, a producer at creative agency PENCIL. She got in touch with an urgent order for a dozen red spotted handkerchiefs. They were needed as part of the costumes for The Scenic Route, a love story starring the Mercedes Gullwing and Emilia Fox - and filming was due to start!

We immediately dispatched the spotty handkerchiefs to PENCIL by Special Delivery so they arrived in time for filming. Sue emailed us to say "Thank you so much for responding after hours, such wonderful personal service."

Rob Halloway, PR Manager for Mercedes-Benz UK described The Scenic Route as "a fantastic film ... full of character and fun". We were delighted to help out, and much enjoyed PENCIL's impressive creative work with Mercedes and our red spotted handkerchiefs.

7th July 2012

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