Leather end braces or button braces for trousers - what do you call them?

Leather end braces or button braces for trousers - what do you call them?

Braces are one of our specialities. They include braces with leather ends which attach to buttons inside trouser waistbands - sometimes called button braces. The leather ends are also known as leather runners. Whatever you call them, we know what you mean, and we have them in stock!

Wide button braces with leather ends are great for everyday use and for workwear. They stay attached, have wide straps that are comfortable and secure, and come in practical navy, wine, and grey.

Narrow button braces with leather ends are also available in navy, wine (burgundy) and grey. These narrower braces go well with suits, with the colours complementing a range of business suits.

For the ultimate in button braces, try Albert Thurston's wool boxcloth braces with leather ends (shown in the photograph above). These are a British classic with handstitched leather fittings in fine goatskin. They are supplied with a set of 6 buttons, so you can add these to your trousers if they do not already have buttons. The red and gold braces certainly make a bold statement, while the green and wine (burgundy) braces blend in with tweeds or dark suits.

So, whatever you call these braces - leather end braces or button braces - we have a selection for you. And if you prefer strong clip braces, we have plenty of those too, in sizes suitable for men up to approximately 6 feet 7 inches tall. If you have any questions about our braces, or would prefer to order by telephone rather than online, do contact us on 01874 623613 - we'll be happy to help.


6th May 2012

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