Sleeve garters (armbands) from St George back in stock by popular demand

Sleeve garters (armbands) from St George back in stock by popular demand

The Aristocrat of Armbands: that's the promise from St George about their silver coloured armbands (garters) for shirt sleeves. There has been much interest in these, particularly from Canada, and we're pleased we now have new stock to meet demand.

St George armbands keep your shirt sleeves in the position you chose. For gentlemen wearing suits, they keep the correct amount of cuff showing. For general everyday wear, by both men and women, they keep sleeves at the right length and help keep your cuffs clean.

Snooker players find armbands perfect for keeping cuffs away from both the table and the cue, and card players avoid brushing cards off the table when their sleeves are kept in place with sleeve garters. They have been known to help in the casino too! Ladies find them useful for various craft activities where sleeves need to be kept out of the way.

These top quality armbands are rhodium plated with an elasticated core, giving a gentle but secure grip. They come in a smart black presentation box with red lining. They are currently in stock in our shop in Brecon and in our online shop.



26th January 2012

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