Wolsey Grip Top socks with the red top:

Wolsey Grip Top socks with the red top:

Wolsey's knee length Grip Top socks are quality men's socks that are hard to beat. These long socks combine traditional style and quality with modern technology to give comfort and durability.

Recently we've dispatched large orders of Grip Top socks as far afield as Sweden and Italy. Customers are making the most of the ease of buying online to purchase batches of socks to use throughout the week. The colours - mid grey, black, and an attractive rustic brown - go well with both city and country clothing, for both formal and casual wear.

The1953 advertisement for Wolsey Grip Tops shown above highlights the features that still make these knee length socks stand out. Comfortable, long lasting, and reinforced at heel and toe: "the finest sock value on the market". Since this advert Wolsey have added the famous narrow red trim at the top. This makes these socks instantly recognisable as Grip Tops that stay up comfortably.

Expats and others buying online from us are reassured by the well-known Wolsey brand plus the personal service from the family business here at Aidan Sweeney's. Have a look at our complete range of socks and see what would suit you. Feel free to contact us by email or phone on 01874 623613 if you have any questions - we're happy to help.

11th January 2012

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