Large handkerchiefs: what do you use yours for?

Large handkerchiefs: what do you use yours for?

Our 22 inch square spotted and paisley handkerchiefs are popular purchases - but what do you use your hanky for? This question was addressed recently in a series of letters in The Telegraph. Readers' suggestions included using a handkerchief to tie up bean sticks in the garden, as a bandage, and for wiping drips when painting.

We know our customers use our handkerchiefs for many different purposes. Our red spotted and blue spotted handkerchiefs and Paisley pattern handkerchiefs are used by men, women, children as neckerchiefs, bandanas, and all-purpose cloths.

We've also seen quite a few used as sun-hats in the summer, and then as neckerchiefs to keep out the chilly winds in winter. A lady visiting the shop recently described how she uses them as miniature tablecloths on side-tables and plant stands. And we know some labradors wear them as doggy-bandanas!

How do you use your large spotty handkerchief?

25th October 2011

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