Wolsey Cardinal socks: traditional quality, classic style

Wolsey Cardinal socks: traditional quality, classic style

Wolsey Cardinal half-hose socks have combined quality and style for decades. We stock these popular calf-length socks here in our online shop and in our shop in Brecon.

Wolsey is one of the oldest textile companies in the world. It's still based in Leicester, close to the grave of Cardinal Wolsey who inspired the brand name. Wolsey was one of the first brand names, and the company was one of the first to build brand awareness through advertising.

Wolsey adverts from the 1940s and 1950s are design classics. Many were by renowned graphic artist Ashley Havinden, who signed himself "Ashley". His humourous minimalist style is similar to Gilroy's famous Guinness adverts of the same era. The advert above was in Punch, November 15th 1950. It 's one of a series using animals to advertise Cardinal socks.

Havinden designed the advert's Wolsey logo, in a style that evolved into his 1955 Script typeface. As Art Director of Crawford's advertising agency for almost 40 years, he also produced work for Jaeger, Chrysler, Simpsons of London, and the Milk Marketing Board. Wolsey used the highest quality artist to reflect the high quality of their socks.

Wolsey Cardinal socks are still reinforced at the toe and heel, and are still a great buy. They'd be a super Christmas present. See the Cardinal half-hose and Wolsey's Grip Top knee length socks in our online shop. And if you revisit this news page in future, we might have some more classic Wolsey adverts to show you!

23rd November 2011

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