Popular Christmas products!

Popular Christmas products!

Handkerchiefs, socks, pyjamas, and nightshirts are always popular Christmas buys, but this December we've also sold an unusually large number of our traditional roller towels and range towels. Many of them have been ordered online, by customers in Scotland and the north of England - thank you!

Roller towels and range towels (with poppers so you can hang them around the handle of an Aga or other range cooker) are a wonderfully practical product, and they look great in the kitchen or utility room. They're an absorbant and hardwearing combination of cotton and linen.

Many of our customers buy a set of towels in the different colours (red stripe, blue stripe, green stripe, and neutral). The black range towel looks especailly good on a black range cooker.

We're dellighted to be sending so many of these towels out to our online customers this Christmas. 

18th December 2019

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