Magee Donegal Tweed sports jacket: personal tailoring perfection

Magee Donegal Tweed sports jacket: personal tailoring perfection

A Magee sports jacket in handwoven Donegal Tweed has been prompting much admiration in the shop in Brecon. It's the first from the new Personal Tailoring range recently launched by Magee - and it looks stunning.

One of my regular Personal Tailoring customers wanted a country-style tweed jacket, and was impressed by the new Donegal Tweed selection from Magee. We discussed all the options, chatting about his preferences and what would suit him. He chose the jacket style and the fabric, a lovely traditional salt and pepper tweed with subtle flecks of brighter colours. Then he finalised his personal look with his selection of lining and horn buttons. His measurements and choices were sent to Magee in Ireland, and the jacket was made specifically for him. Before long we took delivery of the finished garment.

I'm grateful to my customer for letting me display his splendid new tweed jacket on a model in the shop for a few days so that other customers could see it and we could photograph it. It is a lovely example of Donegal Tweed at its best combined with Magee Personal Tailoring at its best. Contact us on 01874 623613 if you would like to find out more about Magee Personal Tailoring or enquire about my travelling tailor service

21st September 2011

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