Magee menswear's new personal tailoring range: a box of delights!

Magee menswear's new personal tailoring range: a box of delights!

The new menswear personal tailoring range from Magee of Ireland is now available. Samples of the fabrics, linings, buttons, collar felts, and threads are displayed in a splendid presentation box. This makes it easy for customers to view the whole personal tailoring range and make their selection.

Among the new range of fabrics are handwoven Donegal tweed, country sports tweed, corduroy, moleskin, cavalry twill, blazer fabrics, and formal suit styles including pin stripe, chalk stripe, herringbone, bird's eye, and Prince of Wales check.

A customer has already commented to me that "The great thing about this Magee selection is that there's something for everyone". I couldn't agree more. For formal wear and for casual wear, for business and for leisure, for mature gentlemen seeking traditional style and for young men wanting a fashionable burst of colour, and with different weights and styles for all seasons, this Magee personal tailoring range is a wonderful addition to our existing made to measure options for our customers.

Contact us on 01874 623613 or by email if you would like to find out more about our personal tailoring, made to measure, and travelling tailor services, or would like to talk to us about making an appointment for a consultation.

Above: The Magee personal tailoring sample box, with just a handful of the dozens of tweed, corduroy, moleskin, and suit fabrics available in this range.

Below: Some of the plain linings (there are also many patterned linings), and the felt collar options (bottom), from Magee's new personal tailoring range.





29th August 2011

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