Grip Top knee length socks - new stock

Grip Top knee length socks - new stock

More stock of our popular Wolsey/Morley Grip Top knee length socks have arrived. These are a favourite with our customers - and many of our regulars will be especially pleased that navy blue Grip Tops are now available again. 

Grip tops are available in black, charcoal, mid-grey, navy blue - all of which are great for business wear - plus rustic brown and lovat green which go well with country colours. Sizes are UK 6-8 (Euro 40-42), UK 9-10 (Euro 43-45), and UK 11-12 (Euro 46-47).

Grip Tops are available to order securely online, or you can call us in the shop on 01874 623613 to order by phone if you prefer.


1st November 2016

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